About Us
MagalTech was launch in 2022 because our founder, Felipe Magalhães, was tired of watching companies, IT Managers and business owners struggling with ineffective and dated IT solutions. Our passion for providing the best quality end-to-end solutions from strategy to deployment and beyond, has provided MagalTech a sustainable growth since the founding. With a consistent retention rate and an uptime percentage that is as near perfect as you can get, we believe our work speaks on our behalf. Our enterprise IT services are extended to several corporate sectors and vertical markets, but we have achieved such a great success providing solutions in the Retail & Financial sectors specifically. Over time we have also invested and formed product relationships with large-scale software and product houses which enables us to add value to our clients and provide the best in market IT solutions

We do what we do mostly due to satisfaction we get from implementing efficient, simple, easy-to-maintain, and reliable solutions that satisfy clients and support their business. Seeing companies overspend on software solutions that were overpriced, overscaled, outdated and hard to maintain led us to the founding this company the purpose of doing it right, doing it well, and at an affordable price. Drawing from our experience and knowledge of the industry we are able to provide optimized solutions which continue to drive demand for our services.
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